We are a C.I.C organisation, funded by the local authority and run strictly on donations and contributions. We have two homes with a total of nine bedrooms and a one flat set up for mum and baby who are victims of domestic violence. We opened on November 1st 2012 in the Wavertree area and have been successful in supporting mum, baby and single women, in educating, employment and rehousing.

We offer our clients a safe and secure environment Secured with CCTV cameras, Staff on duty Monday to Friday 9-5 and on call out of hours.A part of our In-house development consists of domestic violence and parenting classes. We encourage our clients back to work as needed in order to become employable before exiting better days homes.

Our property has two large houses one consists of 4 large fully furnished bedrooms and the other of five bedrooms including room for mother and children.

2 full bathrooms with showers and bath, a fully fitted kitchen as well as a communal lounge with large screen tv and dining room. The house is gas centrally heated and has the benefit of double glazes windows. At the rear there is a large garden providing a safe and secure play area for all children being housed. Security is provided with 24/7 CCTV as well as on-site management.

Services Offered

  • How to deal with domestic violence, in all forms.
  • Counselling in a group or a one to one basis.
  • Self-esteem/ confidence building classes.
  • C.V. building (Helping you back into the workplace).
  • Assisting with job searches, through our network of contacts.
  • Advising on further educational courses, where applicable.
  • A safe environment in which to grow and gain confidence.
  • Re-location Support.

How can you help: As we are so thankful for all your donations made and continue to look forward to your support we have made it easier for you this coming year! we are asking if you could PLEASE put us in your monthly budget by committing to £10 per month, or more for the next year.

What will this do: Continue to pay for our domestic violence and parenting classes which is a vital part of the service for our ladies and children. You can do so by using our direct debit form Link below.

All donations help us to keep our much needed service running. Any amount you donate will help us greatly. Thank you.

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